Our company
UNIPCB Kft. as a spin-off enterprise was established by two lecturers of the Department of Electronic Technology (ETT) of Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) and company BME Viking Zrt. in year 2014. The primary aim of the enterprise is to ensure the efficient utilization of the knowledge base and the technical facilities of BME-ETT Laboratory of Printed Wiring Boards on the market.
Our past
The Laboratory of Printed Wiring Boards of BME-ETT was established in Building V2 in 1969. In the beginning, we could perform the technology steps of single-sided boards; the mask was prepared with screen-printing technology. A few years later, the first domestic double-sided board with plated through-hole was produced. The implementation of dry-film photoresist technology was a significant improvement in 1974, which was also applied here at first in Hungary. At the beginning of the eighties, multilayer technology was introduced at the Department; and as a result, four-layer motherboards of the first home-produced IBM compatible PCs were made.
In 2012, the laboratory moved to the C wing of BME’s V1 Building, and at the same time we renewed all equipment. We applied the most up-to-date (EU compatible) environmentally friendly technological solutions when forming the technology and infrastructure in the new place in order to decrease the rate of environmental pollution as much as possible.
Customer service
E-mail: unipcb(at)unipcb.hu
Address: H-1111, Budapest, Egry J. u. 18.
Tel.: +36 1 463-3625
Fax: + 36 1 463-4118